Women Project

Get involved to help women make positive changes in their lives through training and volunteering

Women play a very big role in our community. Bethel Pentecostal Church provide help and support to women in ourĀ  local community by helping them to integrate in the United Kingdom and overcome their language barrier.

Fighting Covid 19

Due to ongoing concerns regarding the Covid-19, Bethel Pentecostal are following Government guidelines and remain committed to supporting our most vulnerable women whilst ensuring their safety by updating them with information on how to stay safe during this pandemic period.

We also provide food supplies, sanitisers, masks, etc…

Bethel Pentecostal Church provide a mutually supportive and safe environment for women by helping them access all information they n

eed to build their confidence so that they can learn about their rights and how they can make changes in their lives.

We also provide women activities such as trips, agape, visits, counselling, etc…

As women from BME groups are often socially isolated and may lack language skills to be able to access mainstream services, Bethel Pentecostal Church always put women first, we provide information about local services and also local courses open to them. In addition,

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