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Drug Awareness Workshop

Youths against Drugs and Substance Abuse

Bethel Pentecostal Church has delivered workshops to help you improve your knowledge and awareness about drugs and alcohol.
Please come along to our Drug Awareness Workshop specially designed for young people and parents.
The workshops aims to:

  • Provide relevant, up-to-date information about alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and legal highs in a safe and familiar environment
  • Offer strategies for parents to have open conversations with their children about drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Promote ways parents can help children make positive, healthy choices

As well as a practical presentation and informal learning activities, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and find out where to go for more information and support.

Drug and Alcohol Information for Parents and Carers

The importance of drug education Whilst drug and alcohol education is an important part of the school curriculum, to be really effective children need to learn at home too. This leaflet provides some key facts on alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and New Psychoactive Substances (the group of drugs formerly known as ‘legal highs’), tips on how to talk about this sensitive subject and details of where to go for more information and support.

How should I talk to my child? You don’t need to be a drugs expert to help your child learn the skills to make healthy choices. Worries about getting it wrong, not saying the right thing and not knowing enough can make it easier to say nothing, but it is important to keep talking. Starting early and encouraging conversations makes it more likely that your child will come to you if there is a problem

Do start the conversation early so that children learn to speak openly. Don’t save things up to have one ‘big talk’. Do take the opportunity to have everyday conversations. Use social media, news, TV etc as a prompt. Don’t use threats or scare tactics; the evidence is they don’t work. Don’t present your opinions as facts. Only give correct information and if you don’t know, say. Do set clear rules and boundaries. Your child should know your expectations. Don’t be confrontational. Explain your point of view and listen to theirs. Do take the opportunity to learn together, starting with the websites suggested on this info sheet.

Please see the full training in PDF

Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshop


Hakeel Qureshi